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johanHi there, and a warm welcome to my Blog. A palate for exceptional tastes and an interest in different flavors drawn me to creating meals since an early age. It was not just the meals but the company it brings, and moments it creates.


We use it across cultural barriers to bring people together, it is the starting point of many occasions, and a place where memories can be created.


My greatest culinary inspiration was my grandmother, she was a great cook and many happy hours were spend together baking and cooking. My fondest memory is Sunday lunches around her dining room table, family, friends together, where those long discussions took place, laughter and tears were shared.


But my love of food also started out of shear survival as no one in my immediate household could really put a tasty meal together (born into a family of mathimatical masters and Engineers). So I started experimenting with recipes (Kook en Geniet Author:S.J.A de Villiers), I would somtimes think I am the modern “Gary Rhodes” bringing traditional Boerekos to a new level, but really just adapting our day-to-day meals to a healthy quick and tastier experience.


As much as I like cooking and thinking up ideas, I also love to get frends, family together and create beautiful spaces in sharing in those special moments.


May my BLOG be insperational in not just making a meal, but sharing one, even if it is for two or twenty people.


My Food Philosophy:

Less is more, Quality over Quantity. The fresher the product the better the end result. Healthy is not dull, it can be sooooo tasty…..!


Want to know more about my background: Read my Resume


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