Choc and cheese specialise in intimate functions, high teas, baby showers and kitchen teas. You can also contact us for all your function Co-ordination.

You can order a delicious cake for any occasion or, platters for a party or if you just wish to indulge yourself have a look at the array of products that are on offer.

If you have your own personal taste or idea then Choc and Cheese will create a menu just for you.

Cakes & Petit Eats:digital-black-and-white-photography-1

Chocolate Brownies  R8.00 each  


Redvelvet / Chocolate Ganache / Vanilla caramel / Carrot  R10.00 each 

Plain vanilla / Chocolate  R7.00 each

Picture Cupcakes R12.00 each

Milk-tart Cupcake R20.00 each

Cupcakes in casings or with themed decoration  SQ



Chocolate Mousse Cake 21cm R300.00

Chocolate Mousse Cake 23cm R400.00

Triangle Cheese Cake R120.00

Chocolate Ganache Cake 21cm R150.00 

Chocolate Ganache Cake 23cm R250.00

Chocolate Caramel Cake 21cm R150.00

Chocolate Caramel Cake 23cm R250.00

Citrus Vanilla / Vanilla  Cake 21cm R140.00 

Citrus Vanilla / Vanilla  Cake 23cm R240.00

Grenadilla Cream cake R250.00

Carrot Cake 23cm R300.00

Red Velvet Cake 21cm R250.00

Red Velvet Cake 23cm R350.00

You can contact us for 25cm round/ square cakes, and

Specialised Birthday / Wedding Cakes 

Petit Sweat:

Cocktail Red velvet cupcakes R3.50 each

Mini Milktarts R5.00 each

Lemon Merinques R5.00 each

Peppermint Crisp R5.00 each

Caramel Horns R5.50 each

Koeksisters  R5.00 each


Bobotie Spring Rolls (Phylo) R60.00 Doz

Spinach & Feta Quiche (Mini) R55.oo Doz

Mini Quiches (Asparagus, Bacon &leek, Smoke Chicken) SQ

Cocktail Chicken Pies R80.00 Doz

Chicken Kebabs R8.00 each

Beef Kebabs R12.50 each

Beef Keftas (Greek meatballs) R5.50 each


Spinach & Feta SQ

Bacon and leek and cheese SQ

Butter nut and  Sun-dried tomato SQ

Prepared Meals:

Chicken Pie Traditional R45.oo pp

Chicken Lasagne R45.00 pp

Beef Lasagne R45.00 pp 

For Cakes and Confectionery please order 48 hours in advance and for larger orders contact as soon as possible, so we have more time to bake and create something special for you.  Please see below for minimum orders:
Small Products – 12 (12 cupcakes)
Larger Products – 1 (1 Cake)

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